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Create a Holistically Balanced Home for You and Your Hound

There are many healing practices to improve the well-being of humans and canines alike. If you and your dog are needing a shift in how you are feeling, consider changing the energy to create a holistic home for you and your hound.


While there may still be some debate, physicists have proven that everything is energy. Absolutely everything! The building you live in, food you eat, air you breathe, you and your dogs and all of your combined thoughts and emotions are all made up of energy.

According to German-born, Nobel Prize winning physicist, Albert Einstein and his well-known equation, E = mc², energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared. I am going to simplify things for those of us that do not have a scientific background. Think of energy as a “vibe” or vibration. There are different forms of energy or vibrations. Consider the concept further by how different energies or vibes impact you. Being aware of how you feel in different situations will help you to become more aware of your energy and how external energies affect you.

For example, when you visit a dog park or doggie daycare you will have what you might refer to as a first impression. Each location will have its own energy. The neighborhood, grounds, all associated buildings and people contribute to the energetic feel of each place.

You can apply the same theory to any location, including your home. Most of us go home to relax and enjoy our private space. Creating a holistically balanced home environment can help you and your canine companion experience relaxation and rejuvenation easier and more fully. While holistic is a term that seems to be used to describe many different things, the literal meaning is, the sum of all parts.

When approaching healing from a holistic perspective, a practitioner will consider more than just the physical symptom. Emotional, mental, social, psychological, environmental and sometimes spiritual influences will all be taken into account. This is because it is more than just one aspect, or energy of an experience that impacts us.

It is important to acknowledge that the energy that effects us is more than what we physically see. Our dogs are so tuned into us. They are constantly reading our energy and looking to us for direction. Dogs may behave differently with others than with us. They are responding differently to different energy. That is why a reactive dog may not be reactive when with one person, but may be with another.

Our dogs react or respond to our personal energy, as well as the energy in our external environment. Our calmness helps create a calm energy, inside and out. Aisha Harley, pictured here with her beautiful, rescue dogs, Pepper and Pluto intentionally creates a tranquil energy in her home. Explains Harley, “I am greatly effected by my environment. My home is my sanctuary. I want it to be free of clutter, with an environment that is inspiring, warm and welcoming. So that is the tone that I like to set.”

Harley takes great care in maintaining that energy in her home. As an essential oils educator and wellness advocate with doTerra, she has found that in addition to décor, essential oils help manifest the desired energy. Essential oils are what give a plant its unique fragrance. Harley says, “Sense of smell can greatly impact our mood.” Different essential oils can stimulate different responses. Some are energizing and uplifting. Others help maintain a calming environment and can be more grounding and relaxing.” Harley continues, “Diffusing essential oils in your home can be subtle, but effective, in impacting the whole family, including your animals.”

Since we are all effected by energy, we are also effected by changes in energy. When we change energy, whether internally or externally, we can help lead the way for our dogs to change their energy. If we are feeling tense or there is stress in our home, our dogs sense that. If we are content and our home reflects that, our dogs sense that difference. So it is really up to us to be aware and make changes when necessary. However, before being able to change our energy, we must first be able to recognize it.

Below is a meditation to assist you to become more aware of your energy, as well as change your energy when desired. To practice this form of meditation, sit comfortably in a straight back chair so that both feet can be flat on the floor. Next, separate your hands and rest them in your lap. This meditation posture allows you to have an open system for your energies to flow freely. During meditation, I encourage you to close your eyes. We take in so much information, as we look at the physical world around us. Closing our eyes helps us to lessen distractions and create a more quiet space for meditation. Take some slow, deep breaths to help relax your body and draw your attention more to the present moment. Being in the present moment helps your body to feel calmer. This will help your dog feel calmer and increase the calm energy of your home.

You have a chakra or energy center located near the base of your spine. Be aware of this energy center. Allow yourself to visualize, create or imagine, a flow of energy flowing from this energy center, straight down through your chair, the floor, the foundation of the building, the layers of the earth, all the way down to the center of the planet. This is your grounding cord. Allow your grounding to be securely attached at both ends; your chakra and the center of the earth.

Grounding helps you bring more of your energy into your body. It helps you to be more present. The simple change that grounding makes will create more balance and harmony for you, your dog and your home environment. Take slow, deep breaths as you relax and ground. Notice what it feels like to be grounded. Grounding helps your body to feel less afraid, safer and more confident. The more grounded you are, the more grounded all around you will be, including your dog and home.When you have completed your meditation, before standing up, open your eyes and bend forward. Dangle your arms towards the floor to release excess energy off of your head and shoulders.

Since everything is energy and different energies evoke different responses, it is important to consider how our personal energy affects our home. Walking in the door in a sad or irritated mood will add a different vibe than entering your home with enthusiasm or a peaceful state of being. We all go through many different experiences in life, including trauma and emotional upset. So there are days we may not feel as joyous as others. You can meditate to help change your energy and create more comfort and peace.

Just as the internal focus of meditation can assist us, being mindful of our external physical environment can also help. All of our senses give us input and affect our energy. To help further manifest a holistically balanced, as well as aesthetically pleasing home consider exploring the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui. This philosophy uses a bagua, which is basically a map that divides any home into specific sections. Each area of the home is given meaning and purpose to be fulfilled. Implementing the guidance from the bagua can help promote a beneficial flow of energy in your home. You can also apply this concept to each individual room.

Feng shui integrates the concept that everything is energy. It encourages being conscientious of everything you bring into your home, as well as where items are placed. Because all items and their placement affects the home’s energy. The goal is to create balance and harmony with the world around us. To implement these principles, consider placement of dog beds, bowls, toys and other canine necessities along with other home furnishings. Even if you don’t want to go full force into feng shui, following one particular aspect of this practice, eliminating clutter, can create a more relaxing, stress free environment. The less clutter your living space has, the calmer and less energetically cluttered it will also be.

Another large component in your home is the air you breathe. Essential oils can be used to enhance air and your home, as Harley mentioned earlier. In addition to adding energy-changing aromas, essential oils contain anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Because of this, using essential oils in your home can help purify the air, supporting the health and wellness of you and your dog. A friend of mine likes to inhale the uplifting aroma and oils from an orange while peeling it. She taught me to keep some of the peel with me during the day to use for a quick, healthy pick me up. I have used other essential oils for me and my dog in the form of aromatherapy and topical healing aids. They can also be ingested for additional benefit. Lavender is often used for its ability to soothe and relax, but essential oils can help with many different issues, conditions and situations. I recommend talking with your holistic veterinarian or a professional trained in essential oils, such as Harley to find the remedy that is most beneficial for you and your canine friends.

Remember, everything is energy including the supplements and food we eat. Mentally compare the energy of highly processed dog food or our own processed choices to vibrant, raw or fresh, home cooked meals. Notice the different energies that occur simply from methods of food preparation. The fresher, less processed and more nutritious the food, the more vital the energy.

Other things that can help adjust energy include acupuncture, acupressure, massage, energy healing, chiropractic treatments, exercise, restful sleep, socializing, fun and playtime! Finding the right balance for you and your dog will help you both experience harmony in your home.

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